Applied Mathematics Department

Applied Mathematics
Quang Trung Institute of Technology and Artificial Intelligence is targeting the following Applied Mathematics fields:
 1 / Modeling practical problems.
 2 / Mathematics Guarantee for Computeur.
 3 / Calculate for Engineering.
 4 / Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence:
    4a. Big database;
    4b. Computational linear algebra;
    4c. Network and Neuron Network;
    4d. System and Fuzzy System ;
    4e. Identification Theory (Image, Sound, Temperature, Humidity, ...);
    4f. Optimization and Decision Making.

Dr. Bui Trong Kien

 Offer mathematical solutions, algorithms related to Artificial Intelligence and other applications,.. 

                                       Ass. Dr Nguyen Dinh Phu,                          Seminar on fuzzy math theory and application